About Us

Retroce Inc. has more than 15 years of experience in eyewear design and the distribution of eyeglasses to all modern and glamorous individuals. Made with Italian high-end acetate and designed by in-house creative talents who collaborate closely with eyewear experts, Retroce presents unique and durable glasses that meet customers' exquisite tastes and high expectation in quality. 


Ms. Founder has always been passionate about Arts and CulturesWhen she began wearing reading glasses, she celebrated her coming of age instead. A fond look back at days gone by only grew her determination to live a greater beauty in her "youth" to come. Retroce is the result of her journey for poised style beyond time’s reach. She hopes that each pair of Retroce is like a precious art piece that carries her wish of embracing new chapters in life through new lens. 

"Our goal: Lost and Found.
You might have been lost in vision,
so we are here to help you get back on track.
You might have been lost in style, so we'll encourage you to build yourself a closet of readers just to be ready for any outfit and occasion.
You might have lost several pairs of glasses in the past,
but we'll remind you it's the perfect excuse to find another perfect style.

Retroce Team